AC Repair in Lexington, KY

AC unit in need of repair in Lexington, KY

Is your air conditioner broken in Lexington, KY? AC repair from Engineered Heating and Air will cool your home or office effectively, affordably, and quickly. We do the work well the first time so you get cool quickly. We are committed to treating our neighbors in the area well, and we know you’ll be delighted by our service.

When your air conditioner breaks in the dead of summer, it’s not a problem that can wait a week or two. High temperatures can mean danger for infants or the elderly; during the summer, lack of cool air is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

At our company, we work quickly, getting to your house or office fast so we can identify the problem and get it fixed promptly. We know that some companies in the area will overcharge customers during the hottest days of the summer because they know they can. When you’re desperate, you’re more likely to pay whatever it costs to get the problem fixed, even if that price is unfair.

At our company, we focus on the long term. We’d rather form a lasting relationship with a customer than try and grab a few extra bucks this time around. We’ve lasted 15 years in the area, and we didn’t do it by putting unfair prices on our customers. We treat you fairly so you tell your friends and neighbors about us. We believe it’s the best way to grow a business. Call us old fashioned, but it seems to be working pretty well.

So if you’re suffering through another sweltering day in Lexington, KY, AC repair is only a phone call away to Engineered Heating and Air. We’re excited to help you out and make sure your home or office is comfortable. Call the engineer today.

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  • KY Home Performance Certified Contractor Evaluator
  • Virtually 100% of our Business is from Referrals - Less Advertising / Lower Overhead = Happy Clients

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