COVID-19 Update

During these unprecedented times, we are taking preventive measures to maintain a healthy environment. Below are some of the steps we are taking:

  • Each technician has a mask, gloves, and shoe covers to where.
  • Each van has disinfecting wipes to use to clean tools and surfaces before and after service.
  • Our associates must use hand sanitizer before entering our building each morning.
  • We are staging our install crews at different times to avoid gatherings. Each morning before business hours, we wipe down “common” touchable surfaces in our building with disinfecting wipes.
  • Our employees are instructed not to come to work if they feel sick.
  • And of course, we stress the importance of washing hands frequently, getting lots of rest, and staying hydrated.
  • If you are looking for more information about preventative measures to keep COVID-19 from spreading, here is the link to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. We will be following the protocols recommended by the CDC and state agencies.