Residential HVAC Services

Air-Conditioner / Heat Pump Installation

Reliable, dependable, and energy efficient home air conditioning and heating—this is what we are about at Engineered Heating and Air.  An Engineered system will keep your family comfortable, no matter what the weather.

At Engineered, we take a technical approach to designing and servicing your heating and cooling system.  Load calculations, detailed specs/install instructions, a licensed engineer, as well as a certified start-up are what differentiate us from the rest.

Today’s heating and cooling equipment is more efficient than ever before, making total home comfort a reality for homes of any size.  Combine this with various Tax Credits, Utility Rebates, and Manufacturer Rebates, and you can upgrade your comfort with little extra expense.

Furnace / HVAC Installation

The experts at Engineered Heating and Air will help you to identify the best unit to suit your needs, or provide superior service on your existing system.  Both our service and installations carry a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Lastly, we want to let you know we take careful measures to protect your home while work is performed.  Our techs and installers all wear shoe covers, use carpet protectors and tarps, clean up with shop vacs, and have a sincere interest in leaving your home cleaner than when we arrived.

HVAC Replacement

When your current equipment is ready to be replaced, Engineered Heating and Air will remove it and install an engineered system to improve function.  Coordination and planning are key to a successful project.  Here are some of the items we address:

  • Perform a load calculation to ensure correct size HVAC unit.
  • Remove existing mechanical, electrical, and control systems.
  • Recover refrigerant according to EPA safety guidelines.
  • Assemble, install, and operate new HVAC equipment as spec’d.
  • Weigh-in refrigerants and lubricants that conform to manufacturers’ specifications.
  • Complete the welding, wiring, and placement of pipes, tubes, fittings, and meters in a safe manner.
  • Calculate the refrigeration load and set pressure regulators and controls that govern temperature, air circulation, and defrosting.
  • Complete all work in accordance with federal and state regulations related to the disposal of hazardous waste, environmental protections and safety.

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